Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why do I have this blog?

I've been doing Crossfit  ( for just over a year.  It's May 2013 now.  About halfway through the year I did a Paleo 30 day challenge with the gym.  During this time I fell in love with the eating habits of someone following a Paleo diet.  I tried the zone diet. Way to much math involved.  Of course like any "diet" I went back after 30 days to eating like I had for the last 45 years. OMG did that suck.  I felt bad, my gut hurt, I gained weight, and most importantly, my workouts sucked.  This is when I decided I was going to change my eating lifestyle.  My workouts were to important to me to suck at them. 

I went through the house and threw away all the bad food. Frozen, canned, bagged and boxed.  I actually didn't throw it away, I gave it to others less fortunate then me.  I did feel guilty because I knew that food was bad for them.

Now more then half a year has passed and I've settled into what I call the Paleo"ish" life.  I'm not 100% paleo by any means and most the time I'd be hard pressed to say I'm 80%.  But that's the goal.  80%.  I believe doing this blog will help me get there.

I'm not trained in cooking, keep this in mind.  Most of what I post here will be linked to other sites and other blogs I've taken from. I'll put my own twists on them though.


  1. I love it! I love you! I love Paleo and Crossfit!

  2. Yay!!! I'm so excited that you're doing this blog! I can't wait to get some great recipes from you to help me on my journey to a paleo"ish" lifestyle and improve my crossfit addiction! You are so inspiring & I love you!!! :)

  3. Hey you,

    This very good...I started paleoish a few months ago so I am going to read all you posts starting at day 1.

    Can't wait to get to the cave man bars...sounds like my kinda thing!


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