Friday, January 18, 2019

Apple Chorizo Ring - Healthself Reset

During my treatment with The Cleveland Clinics Functional Medicine Department I was honored to have Brigid Titgemeier MS, RDN, LD as my treating dietician.  I only met with her once but the impression she left with me was powerful.  I only met with her once because it was one of her last days before leaving the CCFMD to break off and pursue her own business.  I've followed her ever sense. Like a creepy nutritional junkie stalker.  I wonder if that could be a thing?

Be sure to visit She's teamed up with some pretty great doctors to bring you a complete packet of nutritional support!  Check it out.

For the last two years, at the beginning of each year they put on The Healthyself Reset program.  I participated last year and again this year.  My take away is usually a great tool box of delicious recipes and meal ideas to keep me on track.   The best part.....IT'S FREE.  Last years favorite take away was her Avocado chocolate mousse.  Life changing.

This morning I made HSR week one breakfast; Apple Chorizo Ring.  This is a meal that will be repeated often.  It was super easy, quick and amazing.

Because I have portion issues, I paired it with a fried egg and fresh slices of avocado.  It is however a meal in itself. Packed with 21g of protein, 33g fat, 11g carbs and 428 Calories just for a fraction of the entire ring! The recipe makes 6 servings.

Since I chose to make this fresh this morning I did not eat lunch and my breakfast was later in the morning.  So it ended up like a "brunch"!!

1 large egg
1/4 cup almond milk, unsweetened
1 lb bulk chorizo
3/4 cup gluten-free crackers, crushed
3/4 cup granny smith apple, finely chopped 

1/4 cup shallots, minced

1. preheat oven to 350 F.
  1. in a small bowl, whisk egg and almond milk.
  2. in a medium size bowl, add sausage, crushed crackers, apple and
  3. pour egg mixture in medium size bowl and mix all ingredients.
  4. turn into a bunt pan and press lightly into the mold.
  5. bake for 40-45 minutes.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Egg Salad it's what's for lunch along with memoirs from a sugar addict.

As I continue to struggle with sugar addiction, all I want is sugars and carbs.  Carbs mostly.  The never ending battle as I once again have relapsed with my addiction. 

I begin to gradually reset because as I go through the motions, my body is telling me to eat the things I know I shouldn't.  So my mind, who is also telling me to eat the things I shouldn't is trying to convince me that things are "okay" to eat.  Like bacon wrapped dates or adding the maple syrup to your Chia seed pudding, it's okay.  Even though deep in your right mind you know you need to eliminate all forms of sugar to reset and gain control, once again, of this addiction.

I started my day with a cup of great coffee from the Viking Coffee Company, locally owned and produced here in Cleveland. I drank an entire 32 oz ice water and decided on a Chia seed pudding for breakfast.  Mind you I start my day at 5:30am most days and a few days at 4:15am. So my breakfast comes early around 7-8am.  I've tried fasting in the morning but my body needs the fuel to get going.  I am much better fasting in the evenings. (Noted for those of you into intermittent fasting)

Lunch today was an easy egg salad.  Mixed with the basics it will provide me enough protein and fat to get me through to my workout.  Yep it's a gym day.  I won't eat dinner because I like to work out around 4-5p so I'll drink some protein about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.  I coach until 8pm so I'll take a snack of almonds, beef jerky and maybe a little bowl of oranges to hold me over until morning.  

The not so secret egg salad mix for today!

8 eggs hard boiled, cooled and yokes separated
3/4 mayo of choice
1 tsp of mustard of choice
garlic and onion powder
Himalaya salt and fresh ground pepper
1 celery stalk chopped

I take the egg whites and place them in bowl and chop them up with my little mini spatula from Pampered chef.  Best little tool.  Keep celery set aside and everything else goes in a mini food blender. spices are to taste and can be whatever you are craving that day.  Sometimes I use avacado blended in also to increase fat and use less mayo.  It's kind of hard to mess up basic egg salad.  unless you put too much salt or garlic powder.  That will mess it up.   When I'm feeling frisky I'll add dill pickle juice.  You get my point.

After the yokes are blended with the mayo and spices, add it to the egg whites and mix until combined.  Don't forget to add in the celery here also.

I only had celery for a veggie so I ate with a handful of GL crackers and topped it off with a nice hot cup of black tea. Considering it's only in the 20's today. Brrrrrr  (damn north east Ohio weather)

I'm feeling confident I will have yet another successful day of avoiding what I'm addicted to.  To bad my addiction wasn't to sex?

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to Eat a Pomegranate - Make Chia Seed Pudding to go with it!!

Pomegranate is a great way to get antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients our bodies lack.

I feel its such a neglected food.  I honestly have never bought one.  I've bought the seeds but they are incredibly expensive to buy just the seeds. 

So when my good friend Marvin gave me a fruit basket for Christmas, it included one of these fabulous fruits! I never understood how to get the seeds out of the fruit until now.  The method in this video worked like a charm!!

Then the question became, what do I eat these with?  Just by themselves they are okay but lacking flavor.  I didn't want to dive into make juice as that seems labor intensive.  So I opted for using them as a topping for some of my favorite go to treat, Chia Seed Pudding!!

 I've made this pudding so many times now I can do it without looking up a recipe. But for the sake of this blog I added a link below that will take you to one to follow.  Or go back a few blogs and view the last time I blogged Chia Seeds pudding.

Its super easy.  I usually use Almond and Coconut milk but this time I used my new favorite Fairlife lactose free milk and added almond butter and Maca powder to give it an extra punch!

 This recipe for Chia Seed pudding is pretty basic and easy !

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Aloe Vera Lotion - It's better for your skin

Here is my inspiration....

I bought this great Aloe Vera plant in the summer and it's growing like crazy.    I thought it's time to harvest the older, thicker leaves and create an amazing all natural lotion. 

The end result is awesome.  The only part I need to research more about is how to keep the little beady snot balls from forming. LOL

This was a pretty simple process.  The time consuming part was the tedious task of removing the rind from the plant leaf itself.  Its kind of like filleting a fresh caught fish.  Slimy.

I made something similar before and didn't rinse the aloe meat as this process suggested.  I highly recommend this step.  This batch smells wonderful.  Aloe tends to have strong smell that isn't very pleasant.

I used my emulsion blender to blend the aloe plant into a gel and then added in the sweet almond oil and coconut oil once a gel like substance formed.  

After blending the three with a hand mixer to incorporate air, a nice texture started to develop.  I added 6 drops of each oil (I used frank, orange & lavender) and continued to beat it for a good 2-3 minutes.  It was more liquid then I wanted so I added arrowroot powder.  I like using this because it adds a silky velvet feel to the lotion, thickens it slightly and takes away the super oily feel.

The end product is divine.  I wish you could smell it!!  Even Vince participated by using it on his hard working mechanic hands!! 

Store in the fridge to preserve the fresh aloe longer. Use it daily all over your body!!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Salad

Who says eating healthier has to take up all your free time with meal prepping and making food from scratch?  It does not.  Although if you are just starting out you might find it more time consuming then picking up a family pack at Kentucky Fried Chicken or a Value Meal, but trust me when I say it gets easier and quicker as you adapt.  

One of my favorite go to meals is Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad.  Tuna is great because it's a pantry shelf staple.  (be sure to buy wild caught tuna)   Always on hand.   But if you are running short on time stop by the local grocery store and pick up one of those Rotisserie Chickens.

Here's some ideas!

Dinner!  Heat through and slice up. Pair with steamed veggie of choice. 

Lunch - slice off some cold and top off a fresh garden salad!  (or for dinner)

Quality time with spouse! - Debone the chicken together and it's a great time to catch up on the days events!

Snack - Make a chicken salad and snack away! Pair with GF crackers and some grapes. 

Lunch/Dinner - top off a garden salad with your fresh made chicken salad.  Load it up with raw veggies and a vinaigrette dressing!

Today's lunch was an easy food processor blend with Mayo and hot sauce of choice. A few pulses in the processor and it blends everything to perfection.   There are lots of ways to make chicken salad so be creative!  I topped off a bed of spring mix and threw a few naturally sweetened oranges on the side.  It didn't even need a dressing.

Orange disclosure, I used those little processed packages in natural juices, no added sugar. In moderation they can be acceptable in a pinch or for travel.  I had these on hand so I used them.  Oranges are high in sugar and not a recommended fruit to eat regularly if battling with sugar addiction or trying to limit sugars.  The little fresh clementines are usually on hand and great for a sweet snack. 

Quick, easy and left me with enough time on lunch to wright this blog!


The Struggle You Are In Today Is Developing The Strength You Need for Tomorrow.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Instant Pot Buckwheat Groats and Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice

Why Buckwheat Groats?

If you do your research you'll find this type of grain is low on the glycemic index which is a better carbohydrate.  It won't spike your blood sugar and its processed slower by your system; leaving you with a longer period of energy and feeling full.  Its Gluten free (if that's your thing)  It's a good source of protein (if you are vegan) and it's known for its anti inflammatory properties.  Referred to as an Ancient grain which is the hipster name for this type of unprocessed, older style grain.  

I was introduced to buckwheat while on the elimination diet.  The taste reminds me of oatmeal with a consistency of tapioca on the firmer side.   What I chose to make today has all the flavors and carbs!!

First thing, I had a lot of apples from the holidays.  I hate waste so I made fresh apple juice.  About 6-8 apples and one small lemon makes an amazing juice.  It keeps in the fridge for 2-3 days tops.  Tons of natural sugar but a simple treat every now and again. I encourage people to make things fresh from products rather than just buying processed.  So if you're going to drink sugar, drink it fresh from the source right?

Onto the main course for breakfast, which filled me up through lunch.  I ended up eating lunch around 2pm that resulted in not really eating dinner.  But now it's 8:30p and I'm hungry. I'm going to push through til morning to fit in an easy intermittent fast until breakfast!  (drink all the water)

Instant Pot Buckwheat Porridge

Ingredients - my version

  • 1 cup raw buckwheat groats
  • 3 cups milk of choice, I used a lactose free milk by Fairlife. 
  • 1 banana sliced
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon, I think I used a tablespoon
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla (I used a fresh vanilla bean, about 1" long.
  • a big chuck of fresh butter (amish kind). I just threw this in for the fat because who doesn't love butter.
  • about 1 tsp of Himalaya salt crystals


  1. Rinse buckwheat and place in Instant Pot.
  2. Add milk, banana, cinnamon, vanilla bean, salt and butter and close lid.
  3. Be sure the steam release is in the closed position and manually select 6 minutes high-pressure cooking time.
  4. When timer beeps at the end of the cooking cycle, turn pot off and allow time for the natural release of pressure (about 20 minutes.)
  5. Once pressure is released, carefully open lid and stir porridge

    Leave me comments if you have any questions!  Or leave me a comment just because.  

    "Confidence has nothing to do with ability" ~Augusten Burroughs

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year and Cheese Chips!

New Years day is upon us!  A day to reflect on the past and set goals for the future.  I have tried to develop a practice of doing this all the time over the last few years.  I go to sleep grateful and try to set an intention for the next day.   It doesn't happen every day, but it does happen often.  Today will be no different.  I'm excited to see what this next year brings.  For those of you who enjoy my blog, well.......there will be more of it this year.  My son has blessed me with a Mac Book so I plan to develop my blogging and video skills this year.  I also plan to recommit to the lifting.  I've been very relaxed in my training and I can feel the difference. No bueno.  Back to the gym I go.   I also have to recommit to my nutrition.  This blog in the past has helped me so be ready for some exciting posts about what I'm eating!! YAY

Starting with Cheese chips.  Because who doesn't love cheese?

Super easy, super crunchy, super Keto.  I'm not suppose to eat cheese but hey, it's only day one of the new year. Plus they go good with the Christmas Ale I'm drinking!

 You can't get any easier. Take some shredded cheese, or cheese slices and place them on a baking dish lined with parchment.  Bake at 375 for IDK, 10 minutes or so.  You have to watch because the cheese bakes fast.  Want them chewy?  Don't cook as long.  Want them crunchy?  Keep piles of cheese thinned out before baking and cook longer.  But be careful, they burn fast.  
I used a shredded cheese mix for tacos for some, I shredded some flavored cheese we had and I used parmesan shredded cheese mixed with a bit of shredded mozzerlla.

Super easy, super delicious. super Keto.  ENJOY