Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Egg Salad it's what's for lunch along with memoirs from a sugar addict.

As I continue to struggle with sugar addiction, all I want is sugars and carbs.  Carbs mostly.  The never ending battle as I once again have relapsed with my addiction. 

I begin to gradually reset because as I go through the motions, my body is telling me to eat the things I know I shouldn't.  So my mind, who is also telling me to eat the things I shouldn't is trying to convince me that things are "okay" to eat.  Like bacon wrapped dates or adding the maple syrup to your Chia seed pudding, it's okay.  Even though deep in your right mind you know you need to eliminate all forms of sugar to reset and gain control, once again, of this addiction.

I started my day with a cup of great coffee from the Viking Coffee Company, locally owned and produced here in Cleveland. I drank an entire 32 oz ice water and decided on a Chia seed pudding for breakfast.  Mind you I start my day at 5:30am most days and a few days at 4:15am. So my breakfast comes early around 7-8am.  I've tried fasting in the morning but my body needs the fuel to get going.  I am much better fasting in the evenings. (Noted for those of you into intermittent fasting)

Lunch today was an easy egg salad.  Mixed with the basics it will provide me enough protein and fat to get me through to my workout.  Yep it's a gym day.  I won't eat dinner because I like to work out around 4-5p so I'll drink some protein about 30 minutes before hitting the gym.  I coach until 8pm so I'll take a snack of almonds, beef jerky and maybe a little bowl of oranges to hold me over until morning.  

The not so secret egg salad mix for today!

8 eggs hard boiled, cooled and yokes separated
3/4 mayo of choice
1 tsp of mustard of choice
garlic and onion powder
Himalaya salt and fresh ground pepper
1 celery stalk chopped

I take the egg whites and place them in bowl and chop them up with my little mini spatula from Pampered chef.  Best little tool.  Keep celery set aside and everything else goes in a mini food blender. spices are to taste and can be whatever you are craving that day.  Sometimes I use avacado blended in also to increase fat and use less mayo.  It's kind of hard to mess up basic egg salad.  unless you put too much salt or garlic powder.  That will mess it up.   When I'm feeling frisky I'll add dill pickle juice.  You get my point.

After the yokes are blended with the mayo and spices, add it to the egg whites and mix until combined.  Don't forget to add in the celery here also.

I only had celery for a veggie so I ate with a handful of GL crackers and topped it off with a nice hot cup of black tea. Considering it's only in the 20's today. Brrrrrr  (damn north east Ohio weather)

I'm feeling confident I will have yet another successful day of avoiding what I'm addicted to.  To bad my addiction wasn't to sex?

Happy Hump Day!

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