Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Elimination Diet Progress Video Three Weeks into it now!

Finally a video during this process that starts to show the results.  It's a bit longer of a video then the others but very interesting to hear the differences I was feeling.

  This was done back in October 2017, three and half weeks into a strict elimination protocol. The results are positive and they only get better.

This video was just what I needed today.  I have fallen completely off the wagon and am sliding down the slippery slope out of control.  The weight is coming back, depression is coming back, allergy medication had to be started back, I'm just basically in a slump.  But like any addiction, we're going to relapse.  We're going to slip.  We're going to fail.  It's all part of it.  
We're human.  

The most obvious difference between being addicted to sugar and being addicted to alcohol or drugs is the simple fact that not everyone in the world is drinking alcohol or doing drugs. But everyone is eating. The american standard for everything is centered around food.  And not the kind that is good for us.  Going on a date?  Where do you go?  Dinner.  Get married?  What do you do to celebrate?  Have a dinner.  Having a birthday party?  What do you serve?  Cake.  The list of things goes on......
I try to surround myself with like minded people but it's near impossible. And I try to limit my outside exposure to foods, but that also is impossible unless you become a hermit and never socialize or you become "that friend" who needs "special" dietary choices.

Today, this video is helping me get back on track.  You see the elimination diet is not a diet for life and you don't follow it like I did during this video.  It's a tool to educate.  It helps you to learn about how your body reacts with certain foods and gives you the knowledge to make choices in your life. The choices are what makes your future self  awesome, or not awesome; sick or healthy; active or limited.   Struggling with choices is a daily battle, some days you win, some days you lose. More importantly is the awareness of it all and to be sure at the very next meal you make the right choice.

That's where the work is at.  Sustaining the knowledge and applying it everyday.
  This is where support is important.  If you have similar struggles and want to be part of my online FB group #waragainstsugar, comment below, friend me on FB and I'll add you to the community. Follow me on instagram @svwz1323