Saturday, August 18, 2018

Elimination Diet - at the 6 week mark! Feeling Great

Elimination Diet Journey - End of October 2017   
I did these video blogs to track my progress, hold myself accountable and have the ability to reflect back on my journey.  Now that I'm almost at the year mark of doing this I feel it's important to share my journey with others. It has been such a pivotal point of my health journey, I encourage you to consider it.

This diet is only one piece of the giant puzzle of my health.   There are many areas you must consider and here is the list of my pillars for health ( in no specific order)
I started Crossfit which started the snowball effect.  Movement is the first step along side of nutrition. If you follow me you know my movement is strongman and lifting now.  Find yours.
Having and keeping your eating lifestyle under control is a daunting and never ending task.  I found it gets so much easier as time goes by.  Its just my way of life now and I love it.
We did sleep tests and I worked on setting up my bedroom to be a place for sleep and rest.  Darker color, comfortable bed, oils diffusing, face mask for darkness, ear plugs to block out sounds.  I also use self guided meditations for sleep and often do a relaxing yoga flow before crawling into bed.  I don't settle for less then 6 hrs of sleep and my goal is 7-8.  
I use to take a ton of vitamins and just throw whatever the latest trends were in my mouth. My hormones were not even a thought until I ran out of them.  Now I'm on task with Thrive Supplements for my vitamins along with being monitored by a Doctor for proper balance of my Hormones.  People, this is huge. Affinity Health Care can hook you up.  Send me an email for a referral.  Men and Women need all the hormones.
Gut Health
Yes that's right.  Poop, shit, stool, crap. Call it what  you want. It's important stuff.  We did tests of my waste to determine if my gut flora was in balance.  It was not.  So a few months of supplements and a few adjustments to the diet and I know understand what it means to take a perfect Shit that don't stink! Seriously.  Most people have no clue. Oh and use a squatting potty. It's life changing. 
Stress and your Mind
The final piece and focus of this coming year. Stay tuned but let me tell you, you don't need to have a stressful life to have stress.  It's a hormone your body produces naturally and I have too much of it even after eliminating most exterior stresses in my life! 
You must surround yourself with like minded people  You must find relationships that will not hinder your energy but encourage it and let it flow.  This is one of the hardest but also one of the most important.  If you surround yourself with negativity and put yourself in environments that prevent you from achieving what you want and enjoy, it will be an endless uphill battle.  You will need to make tough decisions.   You will need to make hard changes. You will need to be okay with others who want to blame you for their hurt from the broken relationships.   I joined an amazing gym of strongmen and women, I discarded friendship that were not really good for me (some of which were family), I quit my job and found one that allows for greater work/life balance, I found a magical barn with magical people that is my happy place.  I continue to seek out and surround myself with people who are positive, who have the same priorities in life.  I can't stress this enough.

This was only a brief list but I hope you find it helpful for  your own journey.  If you ever want to discuss your journey and how I can help please message me.  I don't charge.  I just know support is important.