Saturday, January 12, 2019

Aloe Vera Lotion - It's better for your skin

Here is my inspiration....

I bought this great Aloe Vera plant in the summer and it's growing like crazy.    I thought it's time to harvest the older, thicker leaves and create an amazing all natural lotion. 

The end result is awesome.  The only part I need to research more about is how to keep the little beady snot balls from forming. LOL

This was a pretty simple process.  The time consuming part was the tedious task of removing the rind from the plant leaf itself.  Its kind of like filleting a fresh caught fish.  Slimy.

I made something similar before and didn't rinse the aloe meat as this process suggested.  I highly recommend this step.  This batch smells wonderful.  Aloe tends to have strong smell that isn't very pleasant.

I used my emulsion blender to blend the aloe plant into a gel and then added in the sweet almond oil and coconut oil once a gel like substance formed.  

After blending the three with a hand mixer to incorporate air, a nice texture started to develop.  I added 6 drops of each oil (I used frank, orange & lavender) and continued to beat it for a good 2-3 minutes.  It was more liquid then I wanted so I added arrowroot powder.  I like using this because it adds a silky velvet feel to the lotion, thickens it slightly and takes away the super oily feel.

The end product is divine.  I wish you could smell it!!  Even Vince participated by using it on his hard working mechanic hands!! 

Store in the fridge to preserve the fresh aloe longer. Use it daily all over your body!!

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