Monday, June 29, 2015

Crock Pot Freezer Meal "Southwest Chicken"

The first day of crock pot freezer meals was successful!

Southwest Chicken

1 can corn, drained  ( I think its about 14oz)
1 can black beans, drained
1 16 oz can of salsa   ( remember to use clean salsa.  If you like it spicy use a hot salsa)
3-4 chicken breasts ( 2lbs)
1 8 oz cream cheese

Put all the ingredients in a zip-lock except the cream cheese.  Mix well and freeze.

On the label put the instructions to add the cream cheese, cut up in cubes the last 30 min of cooking. Also remove the chicken and shred, then return to pot when cheese it melted.  Mix all together and salt & pepper to taste. 

Cook on low 7-8 hrs. 

This reminded us of chicken paprikosh ( I have no clue how to spell that and neither does spell check)

 I added more salsa to the top and salt and pepper.  I thought it needed more flavor.  My husband just added salt and pepper and said it was fine.  So I guess it depends on you.  The consistency of the chicken was a little mushy, but you're going to have that with chicken cooked in a crock pot. 

I ate mine over spinach like a salad which was very tasty.  My husband ate his with nacho chips.  

Over all....this was really good and it fed three of us plus a couple bowls of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

Winner Winner Chicken Southwest Dinner!! 

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