Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bacon, Food Prep and 1st Day of Sane Challenge

 I'm not a big one to sit in front of a TV very much.  In fact most days I don't even look at the TV.  I don't watch news nor do I watch reality shows.  I am a fan of a few programs however, one being Orange is the New Black.  And I'm happy to say last night I sat for three hours and watched the first episodes of season two.  YAY  It was a relaxing evening all by myself.  The best way to watch the few shows I love.

Today is the first day of the Sane Challenge. We have a lot of new members and I'm excited because I see potential for all of them to be successful.  And I'm excited because helping others be healthy and learn about their own bodies and how food affects them is a passion for me.  I can't wait to see everyone results.  My own included.

I was suppose to spend the day Paddle Boarding with friends, but mother nature had other plans for me.  So I spent the day cleaning.  Believe me, it was a much needed day.

I also was able to do some cooking and food prep to get ready for the next couple days of eating.  Yesterday I bought 2 lbs of Boars Head Lunch meats, sliced about 1 1/2" thick so I could cube them.  I measured 4 oz for a serving and packaged them up for easy meals.  I figured a bag of lunch meat, along with some almonds and a baggy of grapes, or a pouch of applesauce will serve as a perfect balanced meal.

I also cooked up some of my favorite bacon.  It's hard to find good bacon in the grocery stores because of the added sugars and nitrates.  Applegate Naturals have a very good bacon and I found Vermilion Farm Market carries it in the freezer section.

I cooked some up and planned to have it for a couple breakfasts.

 Ha, I ended up eating it all today. Oh well.

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