Monday, February 17, 2014

Daily Food Diary

Today I finally made some headway on the commitment to my diet.  I spent part of Sunday, planning shopping and meal prepping.  This is an essential step to be successful.  I've learned.  No shopping, no good food around to eat, you are going to eat whatever.  No meal prepping and planning means you have no time to to get stuff together, you are going to eat whatever.

Did I mention, meal planning shopping and meal prep is essential to be successful??? Just making sure.

I started the morning off with a Skin Glow Smoothie.
1/4 water
2 C chopped honeydew
2 C chopped cucumber
Juice from one lime
4-5 basil leaves ( I only used three because they were off the plant fresh)
Whipped all this up in the Nutrabullet, added a few ice cubes and breakfast was served. It was very refreshing.

1 C cottage cheese
1 C cucumbers w/salt & pepper
1 C mashed butternut squash w/ spices (no butter added)
6 almonds

1 C cottage cheese
2 C steamed broccoli w/ salt & lemon zest
6 almonds

one bunch of grapes - about 1 C
1 natural beef stick
6 almonds

Lara Bar- Pecan Pie Flavor

about 4 oz chicken breast cooked with sauteed onion and a can of rotel tomatoes
2 C Sauteed Kale (the recipe is on this blog)
No almonds since I used olive oil for cooking.

I felt great all day, was not hungry and had a great workout.

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